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The Benefits of Pediatric Reiki

How Pediatric Reiki helped a child and medical staff before, during and after surgery

I have personally seen Reiki help children in tremendous ways over the past fifteen years since I have been a Reiki Master/Teacher. It has soothed scraped knees, provided relaxation during an asthma attack and taken the pain away from an ear infection.  Everyone in my family has seen the same benefits that I have witnessed, including all of our cats.

The image above is my youngest son after ear tube surgery. I gave him Reiki before, during and after the surgery. This is how he looked in the recovery room.  Peaceful, calm and angelic.  He was awake in this picture, just "resting his eyes" he said. The nurses were completely in love with him and could not remember a time when I child woke up so calmly after a surgery.

The medical staff at UCLA Ronald Reagen Medical Center were astounded that he was so at ease, without an ounce of anxiety or fear.

When he went back to his ENT for his follow up visit seven weeks later, she still remembered his demeanor and the loving effect that he had on all of the doctors and nurses who worked with him that day.

This is Reiki and this is what I want for all children.

Reiki is becoming very common in hospitals across the nation and my hope is that it will become more common on playgrounds across the nation as well. That is why both of my children are Reiki practitioners and why I teach Reiki to families and offer Pediatric Reiki at LAX REIKI.

Imagine a day when children heal each other on the playground instead of bullying each other. Imagine those children growing up to be teens and adults with their own children who learn Reiki from birth. And the circle goes on and on.

This is my vision.


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