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R e i k i  V i d e o s

We offer In Person Reiki for adults, children, pre teens and teens at our LAX location.

Watch our video to learn more about Reiki and to see how a typical Reiki session flows.

Pediatric Reiki at LAX REIKI

Reiki for children, pre teens and teens.

We offer Reiki for people of all ages, including children, pre teens and teens. Our Pediatric Reiki sessions are a modified version of our Reiki sessions for adults. Children, pre teens and teens are invited to actively participate in their Reiki session by doing a body scan to check in with themselves and to foster greater self awareness of physical, emotional and mental needs. These sessions vary in lenth, but will usually last between 15 - 30 minutes deprending on the age of the child as well as each child's inner wisdom and personal boundaries.

What to Expect During a Reiki Treatment at LAX REIKI

Description of how a typical Reiki treatment flows.

Describes hands on and hands off the body approach.

Reiki for Optimal Health

How Reiki Fits in with Western Medicine

Pamela Miles discusses the importance of Reiki.

A Shelter Cat Shows Us How Reiki Works

Reiki does not have to be hands on.

Watch how a shelter cat reacts to Reiki.

Reiki in the Operating Room

Reiki can help you heal faster!

Reiki for Cancer Patients

Reiki for Veterans

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