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7 Ways Reiki Differs from Massage

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

When you search online or go to a spa, you may see that a massage therapist is also trained in Reiki, but please note that Reiki is not massage. As a matter of fact, there is no massage involved in Reiki whatsoever.

The 7 Main Ways Reiki Differs from Massage...

  • Reiki is perfomed while the patient/recipient is fully clothed.

  • The patient/recipient may lie face up for tne entire treatment

  • There is no massage, rubbing or manipulation of the body

  • Reiki involves light touch (without rubbing or kneading) on or slightly above the body

  • Reiki heals the whole person by balancing the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of each individual, not just the physical body

  • Regular Reiki treatments promote stress reduction, deep relaxation, decreases anxiety, alleviates tension, pain & discomfort and increases the rate of recovery from surgery, injury or illness

  • Reiki can be performed at a distance

If you are in need of stress reduction, relaxation, mental clarity or have issues with anxiety, pain (acute or chronic) or discomfort, it is best to receive Reiki separately from massage to address your inner and outer wellbeing.

For optimal results, Reiki is best received by a Reiki Master Teacher or Reiki Practitioner specifically trained in this modality who also has extensive experience with giving Reiki treatments in a professional setting.

It is also essential that your Reiki Practiioner practices daily self Reiki and is a member of a professional Reiki association like the International Association for Reiki Professionals (IARP).

Schedule an In Person Reiki session, Pediatric In Person Reiki session, Distance Reiki session and Animal Reiki session online at LAX REIKI. Corporate Reiki Clinics are also available.


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