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My Reiki Story: How I Discovered Reiki

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

One of the first things that my clients ask me is how I discovered Reiki and what made me become a Reiki Master Teacher. To be quite honest, I discovered Reiki by sheer desperation and panic. It was introduced to me by one of my cats who was very sick and was literally on his death bed. He had never really been healthy even when he was a kitten, but something terrible happened to him that was life threatening.

In 2002, he fell while using the litterbox and got litter stuck to his fur. I tried to get it off, but he ran away from me so he could clean himself up properly. Everything seemed fine, but a a few days later, he started regurgitating all of his food and water. He was literally starving to death and dying of dehydration! I took him to the vet and discovered that the clumping cat litter and clumped inside his intestines and had caused a complete blockage! The only option was to have the vet do exploratory surgery, take all of his intestines out, clean them out and put them back in. He was not strong enough for this procedure, the lack of nutrients and dehydration had caused his kidneys to shut down and he began dragging his back legs. I knew time was running out for him and I was desperate to find and alternative solution for him to save his life!

That's when I heard the word Reiki for the very first time. I had studied quantum theory and quantum physics for quite some time, so I understood how energy worked and how it can be transmitted in many different ways. A friend of mine explained Reiki to me and I believed that this was my cat's only hope. She attuned me to Reiki and I began giving him treatments four to five times a day. Reiki went into his body like a blue laser beam, working like a gentle jackhammer to loosen up the clumpable litter that had created a concrete wall inside his little body. I was guided to give him a teaspoon of olive oil, 4 to 6 times a day to help his digestive tract pass the litter smoothly once Reiki had loosened it up. Within 48 hours, my cat was able to hold down home made chicken broth and within a week, he was eating solid food and drinking water without regurgitating it. Within 2 weeks, he was back to his old self. Reiki saved his life!

It was literally a miracle that my cat, not only survived, but bounced right back to his usual self after this life or death experience. I felt so much gratitude in my heart for Reiki and for the friend of mine who introduced me to Reiki. I had been informally attuned to Reiki in an emergency situation, but had no formal training at this time. I kept Reiki in the back of my mind and thought about becoming a Reiki Master Teacher from time to time, but my life was a little chaotic, having a toddler, four cats and a busy social life. Little did I know that Reiki was going to make an appearance in my life again and this time in a much bigger way than before...

Stay tuned for the 2nd part of my reiki story: My Reiki Story: Why I Became a Reiki Master Teacher

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