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Give Experiences, not Things

According to scientific studies, experiences make people happier than acquiring possessions. Giving the gift of an experience is more likely to create lasting happiness than giving more "stuff" that will some day become outdated, outgrown or obsolete.

Some ways to give the gift of experiences include vacations, museum memberships, gift certificates for dinner, concert tickets etc. These are all great, but...

What better experience is there than to give the gift of health and wellness? By purchasing your friend or loved one a Reiki eGift Card, you are not only giving the gift of health and wellness, you will also be giving the gift of stress reduction and relaxation.

With regular treatments, Reiki is the gift that keeps on giving.

LAX REIKI offers gift cards in the amount of

  • $35 (which is the cost of a distance or Animal Reiki session)

  • $45 (the cost of an In Person Pediatric Reiki session)

  • $65 (the cost of an In Person session for an adult) and

  • $195 (Buy 3 Get 1 Free Reiki Care Package for In Person sessions).

Our gift cards are also customizable and can be delivered to the recipient instantly via email or sent on a future date of your choosing. Give the gift of Reiki.


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